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Leesburg VA, Part 2 (Not all that’s well ends well)


Well, I “concluded” the Leesburg Road Trip Tuesday.  Definitely bifurcated by the car breakdown!

Video 1:  Art work and lynching site in Rafko Park (after a brief stop at Oatlands on Rt. 15).

Video 2:  Breakdown on E-bound I-66

Video 3:  Same

Since it can have practical and financial impacts, I’ll talk about the car breakdown on the dadtnotes blog when I have all the info.

(Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 10 PM EDT)



A day trip aborted by a car breakdown

St Louis VA

I tried to do a quick road trip today, to see some BLM and CRT related sites in northern VA.

I did visit the grist mill in Aldie VA, then drove to Middleberg, couldn’t park and got a salad in a grocery store, and then drove to “St. Louis” on VA 211, one of the first African-American settlements in Virginia after the Civil War, then to Purcelville, then to Leesburg to look for a lynching memorial along the WOD trail.

I was in the Virginia Shopping Center readying to turn left onto Catoctin Circle when the engine suddenly died and wouldn’t restart.  I was towed to Jerry’s Ford on US 15, and the preliminary diagnosis is likely a failed alternator or associated electrical components (like voltage regulator or vacuum sensors).  I was able to rent a car from Enterprise to drive home.

The tow truck driver talked about not wanting a vaccine and not wearing masks for 15 months, having no Covid for himself, family or people he knows.  I don’t argue with people on this, but I think that the number of totally asymptomatic infections or subclinical infections is much larger than we realize.  Some people and families do seem naturally resistant from immunity to related, perhaps undiscovered, viruses. or because of genetics.  This person thought it was a conspiracy theory because he just had not seen the disease personally anywhere in over a year.

Many people don’t trust mainstream media.

(Posted: Friday, July 16, 2021 at 11 PM EDT)

Personal agency, critical theory, and meritocracy

soccer field Arlington VA

Here is another quick video setting more detailed videos soon on personal agency.

I would add that there is a difference between having emotional empathy with people enough to find satisfaction and relationships within an identity group, especially in a communal setting, and cognitive empathy, which is simply an abstract respect for their fundamental rights, such as taking care when driving with crosswalks.

baseball field Arlington VA

Revolutionary thought requires much more group mindset and emotional empathy.

(Posted: Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 4 PM RFY)

Pennsylvania tunnels day trip, and a little more on personal agency

Blue Mountain, PS 2021/7

A day trip:

Visited some of the tunnels on the PA Turnpike (which “they” want to replace, eventually).  All the tunnels have blocked crossover lanes.  But there seemed to be some construction equipment on the west side, eastbound lane of the Tuscarora Mountain tunnel, with the shoulder blocked/

I drove south from Fort Littleton (we used to enter the Turnpike there in the 1950s going to Ohio so I could ride the now bypassed Sideling Hill and Rays Hill tunnels, shown on this blog in 2016).

In McConnelsburg (which was one of my father’s favorite towns when he worked as a maufacturer’s representative for a glass company), on US 522, and made a second video, briefly expanding some more on the concept of “individual personal agency”.

Blue Mountain tunnel 2007

(Posted: Saturday, July 3, 2021 at 10 PM EDT)

Kittainy Mtn tunnel 2007


Arlington VA, the day after an F1 tornado

tree damage storm

A visit to areas in Arlington today to see evidence of the tornado.

Except for one spot near Washington-Liberty high school, I saw very little damage to houses, just lots of tree debris.

Nevertheless, a tornado with winds of up to 90 mph and nearly 400 feet wide spread from about Lee Highway and maybe about Kirkwood Road went across the area, across Arlington Cemetery and the Potomac River, into the Mall near the Capitol.  Then a smaller one formed in NE Washington.

WJLA has a detailed story.

(Posted: Friday, July 2, 2021 at 11 PM EDT)

Small protest in NYC on vaccines today (“journalistic report”)

antivax protest

I ran across a small protest on 6th Avenue  NYC this afternoon.

I’m not equipped right now to do the YouTube post properly, so here is a link to the Facebook video.

Update: Posted when I returned home:

I do not “agree” with the protesters but I want the public to see the protests, as protected by1A.

(Note:  I became fully vaccinated March 18 with Pfizer.)

(Posted: Saturday, June 26, 2021)


“Armed Forces Cycling Classic” in Arlington VA today

Armed Forces Cycling Classic

Today I observed an “Armed Forces Cycling Classic” in Arlington VA, around noon.

It appeared to be a loop around Clarendon, involving Wilson and Clarendon Blvds.  The riders appeared to be relatively “professional”.  (Shaved down, for one thing.)

Here are a few videos




4 (replacement video; A child had been in the other shot unintentionally so that one had to be marked private)





(Posted: Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 7 PM EDT)