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Leesburg VA, Part 2 (Not all that’s well ends well)


Well, I “concluded” the Leesburg Road Trip Tuesday.  Definitely bifurcated by the car breakdown!

Video 1:  Art work and lynching site in Rafko Park (after a brief stop at Oatlands on Rt. 15).

Video 2:  Breakdown on E-bound I-66

Video 3:  Same

Since it can have practical and financial impacts, I’ll talk about the car breakdown on the dadtnotes blog when I have all the info.

(Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 10 PM EDT)



Pseudo Road Trip #31: Branson v. Bezos

A lake in the north texas badlands

We’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

Branson:  Virgin Galactic, July 11, 2021, CNBC

Blue Origins:  Civilians in Space: m ABC News

One other thing;  Various online friends of mine have done skydiving recently (“jumping out of planes”):  Trey Yingst, Matthew Cappucci, Max Reisinger (18th birthday), Tyler Mowery, Avi Schiffmann (18th birthday).  Is a space ride next?


Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 9 at EDT

A day trip aborted by a car breakdown

St Louis VA

I tried to do a quick road trip today, to see some BLM and CRT related sites in northern VA.

I did visit the grist mill in Aldie VA, then drove to Middleberg, couldn’t park and got a salad in a grocery store, and then drove to “St. Louis” on VA 211, one of the first African-American settlements in Virginia after the Civil War, then to Purcelville, then to Leesburg to look for a lynching memorial along the WOD trail.

I was in the Virginia Shopping Center readying to turn left onto Catoctin Circle when the engine suddenly died and wouldn’t restart.  I was towed to Jerry’s Ford on US 15, and the preliminary diagnosis is likely a failed alternator or associated electrical components (like voltage regulator or vacuum sensors).  I was able to rent a car from Enterprise to drive home.

The tow truck driver talked about not wanting a vaccine and not wearing masks for 15 months, having no Covid for himself, family or people he knows.  I don’t argue with people on this, but I think that the number of totally asymptomatic infections or subclinical infections is much larger than we realize.  Some people and families do seem naturally resistant from immunity to related, perhaps undiscovered, viruses. or because of genetics.  This person thought it was a conspiracy theory because he just had not seen the disease personally anywhere in over a year.

Many people don’t trust mainstream media.

(Posted: Friday, July 16, 2021 at 11 PM EDT)

Personal agency, critical theory, and meritocracy

soccer field Arlington VA

Here is another quick video setting more detailed videos soon on personal agency.

I would add that there is a difference between having emotional empathy with people enough to find satisfaction and relationships within an identity group, especially in a communal setting, and cognitive empathy, which is simply an abstract respect for their fundamental rights, such as taking care when driving with crosswalks.

baseball field Arlington VA

Revolutionary thought requires much more group mindset and emotional empathy.

(Posted: Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 4 PM RFY)

Personal agency: statement of basic principles

Me, 78th birthday, Zoom shot

Here is a video of a summary statement of what “personal agency” should me for someone like me, about as compressed as possible.

Here is the text:

Personal agency means a lot to me.  But I need to pin down the nature of the challenges to my own personal independence precisely in order to see how much these concerns scale for others. So, I have to state how I am “different” from the majority of people and see what ethical problems arise as I live out my own personal identity, regardless of groups.

Because of my introversion and other personality characteristics, I tend to experience the world in my own head and then often communicate it to others, including today online with global “reach”.  Important components of my world experience include music (including listening, composition, performance) and other cultural topics including hard and social sciences.  The representation of life in some games, like chess, can be important.   I also have less ability than most males (especially historically when growing up) to perform in certain social situations physically in a manner normally expected of men.

I tend to be interested in social interactions only where there is the possibility of upward affiliation, that is I consider the person not only able to provide me interesting feedback but “worthy” on some absolute measure.  I tend not to bond to people based on shared needs, as in a tribe or family, the way most people have to. This sometimes (mainly in younger adulthood) affected my willingness to consider intimate relationships capable of creating or supporting families.   That in my adult life has turned out to be a good thing sometimes as I am not “vulnerable” to polarized tribal fealty.

All of this creates moral imbalance:  I can create interesting “content” and ideas and “connect the dots” and sometimes (in the workplace or in society as a whole) uncover potentially catastrophic risks others are likely to miss.  But in more immediate situations I tend to leave to risk taking (and sometimes the actual street fighting) for others.

When I was a youngster, I had a developmental awkwardness that is generally called dyspraxia.  I was probably slightly autistic (Asperger’s) also.  There is no obvious medical explanation on the surface, and it was not considered a disability. I was behind the norms of my contemporaries physically, but I was not transgender or non-binary.  The “woke” solution is to bond with others with similar issues and demand some sort of politicized solution from others for relief from intersectionalized “oppression”.  I am white, however, and even though I was teased and had issues and some serious setbacks, in the end my parents came through for me, so in an individualized since I could be considered “privileged”, but not by the usual reasoning of “critical theory”.  At one point I was also diagnosed as having a “schizoid personality”, but that would be a behavioral adaptation of mine, to outflank others by interacting them “in a field” from a distance rather than by sharing emotional warmth, especially in group settings.

Most pressures earlier in my life were toward performing like a man marrying and having children and providing lineage (I am an only child) as best I could, after dealing with certain contradictions.

Later in life, when I have become somewhat a public person, the pressures are to surrender my own efforts and join in some sort of demanded “allyship” with the oppressed.  In all scenarios, “bend the knee”.  I find myself very reluctant to be someone else’s mouthpiece, and I don’t experience oppresion as part of any visible group, just on how I fit in socially as an individual.

I do enjoy contemplating a world of “meritocracy”, so there is a danger that if there are too many people around like me, we can slide toward personalized fascism.  As will be apparent in succeeding videos, I see social justice achieved as individuals “paying their dues” for privileges given to them when having their own difficulties, and social credit scores could conceivably make sense in achieving that, as dangerous as that sounds.  But the radical Left and Right both demand that you join their teams and fight for their power structures, and (with the Left now, as the Overton window moves) even be willing to fight for reparative group remedies.

The discussion today continues with two more videos linked on the notes blog, link.

Posted: Saturday, July 10, 2021 at 6 PM EDT)

Pennsylvania tunnels day trip, and a little more on personal agency

Blue Mountain, PS 2021/7

A day trip:

Visited some of the tunnels on the PA Turnpike (which “they” want to replace, eventually).  All the tunnels have blocked crossover lanes.  But there seemed to be some construction equipment on the west side, eastbound lane of the Tuscarora Mountain tunnel, with the shoulder blocked/

I drove south from Fort Littleton (we used to enter the Turnpike there in the 1950s going to Ohio so I could ride the now bypassed Sideling Hill and Rays Hill tunnels, shown on this blog in 2016).

In McConnelsburg (which was one of my father’s favorite towns when he worked as a maufacturer’s representative for a glass company), on US 522, and made a second video, briefly expanding some more on the concept of “individual personal agency”.

Blue Mountain tunnel 2007

(Posted: Saturday, July 3, 2021 at 10 PM EDT)

Kittainy Mtn tunnel 2007


Arlington VA, the day after an F1 tornado

tree damage storm

A visit to areas in Arlington today to see evidence of the tornado.

Except for one spot near Washington-Liberty high school, I saw very little damage to houses, just lots of tree debris.

Nevertheless, a tornado with winds of up to 90 mph and nearly 400 feet wide spread from about Lee Highway and maybe about Kirkwood Road went across the area, across Arlington Cemetery and the Potomac River, into the Mall near the Capitol.  Then a smaller one formed in NE Washington.

WJLA has a detailed story.

(Posted: Friday, July 2, 2021 at 11 PM EDT)

“Personal High Agency”: getting started

Barclay's building near Times Square, 2021/6

I want to get started on my own “bottom up” view of “personal high agency” (or is it “high personal agency”?).

I’ll fill in the outline and details later.

Update: Here is the (legacy) fundamental rights outline.

Here is my rough draft outline (subject to change without notice!)

Personal Agency:  (personal autonomy, personal sovereignty)

People grow up to live in tribes and groups so the idea isn’t that important to everyone.

It is important to me.  Privilege?  Special?  Different?  Smarter than others?  Picky about who you will bound to?

Sounds negative, but how do you accomplish things?  Innovation, work on their own

The idea can be dangerous, because it can contribute to an idea of expendability and support a personalized kind of fascism, which might encourage statist fascism.  (Ex. Sparta)

Or could sound like MGTOW

I used to call this “do ask do tell 4” and envisioned it as groups of statements, one general, and three sets of statements that apply mainly to me (3 groups of motivations) and may not scale well to others

So we do the Zero group, or general statement sequence first.


That breaks into parts

Part 1:  Your individual rights      fundamental    constitutional   original


Part 2:   Your community rights – can require you to perform duties for common good – pay taxes, service, public health measures —   “freedom from want”  — four freedoms

Part 3:   Obligations     social credit  and allyship are not the same things, but the “Left” seems to demand both, in confusion

Part 4 – Unusual powers to deal with problematic situations because of reputation or social standing. (“Bail out”)

Your ability to maintain personal agency has be considered with respect to several levels of community


  • Yourself as an individual
  • Be good at things – especially on the job
  • Be versatile but not spread too thin
  • Be physically fit
  • Make wise decisions, especially financially; defer gratification sometimes
  • You may not be invincible. You can be unlucky and have a medical issue
  • With your family and community of origin
  • You are expected to learn to provide for dependents (at least be capable of it) even if you don’t have or adopt children yourself
  • Sharing of chores and risks in a group, and some recognition for the identity of the group
  • Filial responsibility
  • In more extreme cases, defending the family physically (even competence with weapons)
  • In general – having to “fit in”, socialization
  • Be able to bond with others in your orbit when they are in need
  • Possibly do tissue donations (other than blood, only recently):
  • Understand that parents do get considerable “satisfaction” from the deference given to them
  • Marriage and kids – a pivot point, not an afterthought, to personal agency
  • Your larger community (country, religious affiliation, ethnicity, maybe race (sometimes), your larger work world, sometimes your political affiliations)
  • You might gain if it does well, and share the risk and blame if it behaves immorally
  • Expected but unwelcome social proximity
  • “Forced” altruism: conscription and military service (with deferment issue)
  • Forced altruism: National service
  • Forced altruism Public health:  abstinence (HIV(
  • Forced altruism: Public health: hygiene and habits, masks (coronavirus)
  • Forced altruism: Public health: lockdowns, sometimes permanent job and business losses
  • Forced altruism: “risk taking: with new vaccines
  • Speech suppression for common good
  • Encouraged unusual altruism: transplants, repeated plasma donation
  • Idea of social credit (on blockchain?)
  • Future unborn generations
  • Changing social norms: civil behavior, no problem
  • Reparative identarianism (critical theory) occurs when a sizable group has been oppressed and others remain unaware of the pervasiveness – there is a tendency to demand other recognize group “lived experience” without disdain
  • “anti-racism” demands
  • Reparations, if they get personal
  • Apology or submission demanded for inherited guilt of ancestors
  • “critical theory” pays more attention to the reversal of power structure to right a systemic wrong than to individual actions

(7) Wartime, enemy attack, or “extreme catastrophe”  (as separated from a graduated problem like climate change)   (possibly even COVID)

(7) Fracture of personality, nihilism  — may result from gross inequities or from sudden deprival of autonomy or reasonable sense of ego

  • Can rationalize fascism
  • Can rationalize compulsive nihilism, which might appear gradually or suddenly





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