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Smithsonian Folk-Life 2017: Circus Arts

I paid a visit to the Smithsonian Folk-Life 2017 exhibit on the national mall, this year dedicated to “Circus Arts”.

I’m reminded of how I got a “D” in 11th grade P.E. in the tumbling unit.  I simply cannot control my body flying through the atmosphere.

The idea of a Circus Arts exhibit is interesting since Ringling Brothers shut down in May of this year.

I think I was at the circus only once as a kid.  I remember the show “The Big Top” in the 1950s. I remember people used to go back in the 1990s.

I did go to Cirque du Soleil   (a French Canadian circus event company) in Minneapolis in 2000, on the East Bank of the Mississippi River.  I remember the body teasing among the clowns.

1   Tumbling


3   Discussion of Circus Arts training, which includes everything (esp. juggling, tumbling).  “Juggling” was one recommended as therapeutic for me. Actor Lucas Hedges (“Manchester by the Sea”) did juggling on Jimmy Kimmel once/

4  More training:  “Fitness is not what you look like but what you can do.”  Note the “court reporter” transcribing onto a screen for the deaf.

5   Trapeze



8   The next circus show would not happen for two hours and there was a line already, so I cheated and use a pre-recorded one here.


(Posted: Sunday, July 2, 2017 1t 8:30 PM EDT)