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Visit to the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC

I visited the Museum of the Bible today.  It’s near the Federal Center Metro stop in SW Washington, about ½ mile from the Capitol

Video 1

Video 2    I talk about the “Washington Revelations” ride, while standing in the cyclorama showing Jerusalem. The motion of the stand in the 4D theater produced some artificial gravity effects (like in my Ephiphany screenplay) from multiple directions at once.  But I suppose you can get the same thing in an amusement park from a modern roller coaster.  (Those rides weren’t running during the winter in Christmastown, Dec. 19 post.)   I don’t like to ride upside down, but in the spring I can go to Largo MD and do it.  I guess I need to try to make sure my ideas in my “rama” environment in the screenplay are valid.

I’ve covered some of the “short films” on a legacy Blogger link.

I wanted to mention a couple of highlights.  First, the cafeteria on the top floor offered ethnic meals from the Middle East.  The material in the museum had a pretty good balance between Old and New Testaments, and Judaism was well covered.  There was no mention anywhere of sexual orientation or gender roles, except in the context that families in the ancient world generally had to be pretty cohesive to function.  Families often built their own homes.

At several places the museum mentions the idea of “ritual purity“, whereby in the ancient world people washed themselves with fresh spring water after handling dead biologic materials.

There is some very good material on the social significance of the introduction of the printing press in the 1400s.

(Posted: Thursday. Dec. 21, 2017 ay 8:30 PM EST)