The following lists my most important media projects, with some guidance as to how they could be pursued for possible commercial implementation and distribution, in the result of my incapacitation or passing at any time in the future.



The Executor will find a printed copy of those individuals or organizations most likely to be familiar with my work and have some interest in seeing some of it completed.  This will be stored in a lockbox at the Wells Fargo branch in Westover in Arlington VA.  The identities of the parties will not be published online, and right now there are no plans to contact the parties in advance.


The most critical files will be backed up on a USB thumb drive in the same envelope.  They are identified in the discussion below.


NOVEL (label “my-novel-Angel’s-Brother”)

The one fiction novel is called “Angel’s Brother” and comprises 27 chapters numbered a01 to a27 (Word) on the Executor directory.


The novel is a science fiction setting resulting in eventual evacuation from Earth of some people.  The two principles in the story are a married, 40 year old CIA agent with a family, who has an “affair” with a gay male college student who has knowledge of the “angelic invasion”.  The novel also speculates about a bizarre virus that can enable people to share identities.


The Novel is outlined on the Microsoft Access database called “DADT-Conscripted1”.

SCREENPLAYS (labels “my-screenplays-dadt-conscripted” and “my scripts”)

The screenplay “Do Ask, Do Tell: Epiphany” (the last word used to be “Conscripted”) is available as a shooting script (Final Draft 9 and PDF). The plot covers the material of the three DADT books as a backstory, but is set on a space station.  The possible evacuation of some people from Earth is another plot element similar to the novel.   There is a start of an outline on the Access database, but it is not as helpful as for the novel.  Probable rating: R. The Final Draft 9 has many extra detailed plot notes.


Two other screenplays are the best (written around 2004), as treatments and PDF’s (spec scripts).


Titanium”:  This is a story of a Dallas reporter whose pregnant girl friend has apparently been abducted (by UFO’s) after he has “cheated”;  the landings happen. The film, in the last 15 minutes, would convey how the public and media really would react to the first alien contact in history. Probable Rating: PG-13


69 Minutes to Titan”: This screenplay tells a similar story from the viewpoint of a precocious teen hacker.  The title refers to the time light might take to reach Titan, a moon of Saturn. The best version is saved on the drive (the version online on the doaskdotell site is somewhat edited for suitability).  Probable rating: R


MUSIC (labels “my own music compositions”; “my own piano sonatas”)


The music is stored in the directory “Scores” as Sibelius “sib” files with PDF’s and mpg’s for some of them.  The best guide comes from following the labels on the blog.  The shorter pieces are closer to professional performability than the Sonatas, but the Sonatas would “work” with an audience if performed by a professional.



The best videos at the moment are on my Vimeo account logged on as “John Boushka” (keys in Vimeo on the Exector directory).

Other video projects are on the Macbook.  More details will be added later.




These are fully inventoried on this page.

The HTML or PDF image files are on the directories DADT and Content on the drive.

The DADT1 and 3 books are at the Law Library of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA


Master’s Thesis: “Minimax Rational Function Approximation“, University of Kansas, 1968, in the Executor directory (PDF)



doaskdotell.com  (domain name Networksolutions, hosting by Verio, large, since 1999) The index page navigates to all my other content

billboushka.com (domain name and content, Verio, small, one blog, since 2006)

JohnWBoushka.com (domain name and content, Network solutions, small, old IT only, since 2004)


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2 blogs on WordPress, doaskdotellnotes.com and billsmediareviews.com, domain names and content, Bluehost


(First published Wednesday February 17, 2016 at 12 Noon EST)

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