Recalling “Brokeback Mountain” and its story concept


I saw the epic gay romantic film “Brokeback Mountain“, directed by Ang Lee and from Universal/Focus Features, in December 2005, before a sold-out crowd at the Landmark Bethesda Row (MD).  I still recall the experience.

The film presents two cowhands, Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal)  and Ennis (Heath Ledger) as developing a romantic relationship, after some initial roughness, while working on sheep ranches in the Wyoming high country, in an environment where men have their own horses and bedrolls.  I remember the line “I wish I could quit you.”  The two men then separate and marry, and cross paths again at various times, as their marriages deteriorate.  Wikipedia gives the plot details.

In my novel “Angel’s Brother”, Randy (about 40, married with family) and Sal (a college student, near graduation and a supposed military intelligence career) develop a relationship in the course of “work”, in different ways, for the intelligence community, related to a biological (as it seems at first) threat that might come from Russia, from Islamists (not emphasized much) or from “aliens” (the most interesting possibility).  Randy’s wife is a health care professional also working on the threat from the CDC angle.  As the story progresses, the marriage weakens (because of the new gay relationship) but Randy actually grows closer to his oldest son as an adoptive father, but less so with his two subsequent biological children. But in time, it becomes apparent that not everyone will land from the global threat intact, but some people will actually be better off.  That’s sort of how it is with a “rapture”.  It doesn’t love everybody.

(Published “Friday Night” Nov. 21, 2014 (Sat AM) at 12:30 AM EST.)

Picture is in CA, near Mammoth Lake and US 395, Tioga Pass, 9500 feet (not Wyoming).

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