Movie studio music logos



Here are a few studio music trademarks.  I think studios should use these before every film.

Columbia (in D-flat major, moving to F)

20th Century Fox (the most consistent in using its Newman fanfare before almost every film; Searchlight also uses it)


100th Anniversary

I think “Interstellar” should have played this first. This music is impressive and Paramoumt should use it with every movie. Paramount should also reinvent its Vantage and Classics brands,


Older also”

Warner Brothers

That’s the Casalanaca theme, made to sound like a Rachmainonff piano concerto. This is my favorite logo. The WB logo for its DVD’s is horrible and not worth reproducing. Warner should also reinvent its Warner Independent Pictures brand; there is no reason to have a separate company; trademark law allows multiple brands for the same business.

Walt Disney Studios

I love the little train.

Universal — sounds like Wagner

Focus (Universal) and Riverroad

Lionsgate — also sounds like Wagner or Richard Strauss

Older clouds logo

Roadside Attractions, which usually works with Lionsgate

E-One, which also often works with Lionsgate in the UK

New Line Cinema

The 2001 logo is understated but oddly effective. Good to see the Studio come back with the Hobbit movies.

PictureHouse. connected to NewLine and HBO, isn’t used much


Good to see the Lion come back. I love cats, anyway. Maybe Oprah Winfrey saved this studio

The Weinstein Company (TWC)

(Published: 5:45 PM EST Wednesday Nov. 12, 2014)

Film District


Walden Media, which focuses mostly on family films often with nature themes:

Participant Media, which does mostly documentaries on social and political issues, and usually has a separate distributor:

IFC, Wild Bunch, Hero, Muse:

Some distributors, like Sony Pictures Classics, “I Am Rogue”, Relativity Media, Image, Imagine, Open Road, Radius TWC, Magnolia, and Touchstone/Miramax never use music. They’re missing out on something.

If I can make a movie company out of my “Do Ask Do Tell” books series, the trade dress would be BW and look something like this (without a picture of me):


There is music that I intended to use with this, a leaping octave theme in C, about 8 measures. I need to get it entered into Sibelius and into better shape. Then I’ll post it.

Update: (Nov. 19):  This PDF (actually just a JPG of one right now) has a sketch of the DADT trademark theme.


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