Past films titled “The Substitute” (about substitute teachers)


I’ve talked here before about my screenplay short “The Sub”,  which I have embedded in a feature sci-fi script “Do Ask, Do Tell: Conscripted”.

There does exist a series of feature films titled something like “The Substitute”, about substitute teachers, some of them disturbing,

In 1993, Paramount released “The Substitute“, directed by Martin Donovan, written by Cynthia Verlaine.  This drama presents a femme fatale Laura Ellington (Amanda Donohoe) who takes a long term sub job.  Soon she is in an inappropriate situation with a teen male student and, with his efforts later, her long and dark past and fake identity unravel.

Lionsgate has a “franchise” called “Substitute 4” with Treat Williams (from “Everwood”).  The most important of the films is the last one, “Failure Is Not an Option”, where Treat plays a black-ops guy (for the CIA?) in South America and works as a history teacher in a military academy.  Will be recruit as a “stumper”?

What gets touchy is that the school itself becomes a front for a right wing plot to re-educate people for some kind of “revolution”, whether or not the power stays on.

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