LOTUS: Light of Truth Universal Shrine; “Many Paths, One Truth”


The LOTUS Light of Truth Universal Shrine, of the Satchindananda Ashram at Yogaville VA, offers an introductory video depicting its construction from 1980-1986 (near the James River in Buckingham County).  The flood plain had to be elevated by earth moving from around the area.


The video is supplemented by a DVD, sold in the gift shop, “Many Paths, One Truth: The 1977 Yoga Ecumenical Service“, a 25 minute service.  The point is made that it is not possible for every dogmatic religious belief system to be literally true.



I appreciate the fact that the DVD comes with instructions as to how to release the disc properly!  Many commercial DVD’s are a struggle to release.


(Published: Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014 at 12:45 PM EDT)

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