“Introduction to Remote Viewing”, classroom video from Monroe Institute near Charlottesville, VA


The Monroe Institute (20 miles south of Charlottesville VA off of US 29 on Roberts Mountain, on a private estate) and the Foundation for Global Humanity offer a 75 minute video on DVD “Introduction to Remote Viewing“, with Skip Atwater and Paul Elder as the presenters.

The presentation is in several separate classroom sessions, with clients sitting at tables.

A remote viewing session requires the viewer, a monitor, and later the judge.


Students were asked to view objects known to the staff from photographs in sealed envelopes.  The objects were a wide variety of things,  Some were unusual buildings (like a column in Africa, an unusual upside office structure in Europe), one was a wreck of several small canoes in France, one was on Mars, and one appeared to be a bizarre railroad junction, perhaps from a futuristic model railroad.

The presenters said that the military and CIA use remote viewing for intelligence, and police use it to locate kidnap victims or perpetrators.


(Published: Wednesday, July 30, 2014, 1 PM, EDT)

Update: Sept. 29 (Re. Jan 14, 2015)

The best legitimate YouTube link from the Monroe Institute now seems to be this.

The Monroe Institute runs one-day free programs at the retreat center on one Saturday about every two months in the warmer months.  You have to get there on time, and it’s on top of a mountain after a dirt road. Otherwise, the programs require quite a time and money commitment.


The retreat center is shown above.  The main headquarters are farther down the mountain and reachable on paved road.  There are dormitories at the main location (possibly at the retreat, too).


There is also an interesting stone monolith (Aug. 23, 2014 visit).


There are many stories of people learning astral projection there. Here is a typical story from Japan, link.

As for my own “views” of other worlds (in “dreams”) I can report this:  Generally, there are lots of railroad trams, few private vehicles.  There are lots of dormitories and communal spaces, and large cities seem to be under domes or synedoches, probably protection from radiation common with smaller M-stars.  Few, if any people, live in single-family homes.  There is a lot of low-lying real estate and lots of waterfront, rather like Dubai.  Society seems to be segmented into different communities where different techologies are available.  That is what I “see”.  I wonder if others report the same thing.  More details to come later.

(Monroe Institute just told me by phone that the Oct. 11, 2014 session is full, Next one-day session probably isn’t until spring, because mountain road is usually snowed in during winter.)

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