My little 2005 screenplay “Beware EMP” compared to the real threat

I do have some screenplays in my legacy doaskdotell directly, mostly for short films. One of them in particular needs comment.  That is “Beware EMP” (2005), link here.

Electromagnetic pulses of practical significance are of two kinds.  The E1 can come from non-nuclear microwave or flux devices (local), or from a higher altitude fission blast.  That is the weapon that might wipe out many electronics and car ignitions systems.  Tech companies don’t talk about how well shielded their data centers are.

The E3 would come from thermonuclear weapons or extreme solar storms. The thermonuclear weapons could do both E1 and E3 damage.  The E3 involves burning out transformers from overload. But utilities say they are slowly making progress in grounding transformers so they are not as easily overloaded.

In the screenplay, both the E1 and E3 have happened, but an E1 alone is much more likely.

(Posted: Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 9:30 PM EST)

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