More timeline progress on “Angel’s Brother”

I’ll be revising the complete timelines for the novel “Angel’s Brother” soon but I wanted to post some more notes today on the high points on the sequencing of the events in Bill’s “novels” and in what happens on a “reality level”

In the “real world” the timeline looks a bit like this:

May 2002  Bill has a meeting in Boston about the possibility of his writings becoming a film.  He observes a mysterious couple on what seems like one of the most eventful days of his own life.

Feb. 2003  The couple has a son “Matt”

During 2019:  Sal, an undergraduate that seems to have some unusual powers, hacks some of Bill’s writings (and dangerous “theory”)  trying to find out his own identity.  The NSA and other fibbies find out and decide to have their reserve agent Randy brought in.

May 2020:  Sal and Randy meet in Auschwitz.  Neither knows why at first.

Then Randy is sent to St. Petersburg and Ladoga area of NW Russia to retrieve a bizarre weapons sample purported to be a radioactive virus.  There is the expected concern over whether terrorists or rogue states (DPRK) could get their hands on it.  Randy smuggles it into Finland, causing a border incident and international crisis.

But in June the sample arrives at Yucca Mtn in Nevada and Bill is secretly hired to take it to the Academy.

In the early summer 2020 (as political conventions ramp up) Randy traces the effect of a new disease in people who live at high altitude.

In Sept. Sal and Randy meet in  Dallas and travel to the Academy where they compare notes and get intimate.

Then Randy gets sent to Bilbao and gets custody of another sample when attacked on the street.  He meets up with Randy in the Netherlands.  Then in October he goes to Ladoga and farther into Russia where apparently he is abducted, but is eventually returned, but now seems to be deteriorating physically.  He begins to wonder if he is really going to survive a great “Purge” of identities that the virus is supposed to cause.

Right around Halloween Sal meets Matt at a health expo in Dallas and Matt instructs Sal to go “do” Bill at the academy to prevent his plot from going through. Bill winds up charged with theft of a nearby store, but seems to have partial powers to split into two bodies, a development not anticipated.

In early Nov. Randy meets Sal and they compare the hack of Bill’s notes, before Randy finally visits the remote viewing school.

Then, after some unusually warm weather in the upper Midwest, they go to a hazing ceremony in central Wisconsin where a lot of people go up.

In early 2021 Bill is tried, and Sal has been kicked out of ROTC and will join Randy as a civilian “reservist” as he graduates.  Randy faces divorce over his affair with Sal but takes his oldest adopted son to live with him at a new job in DC.  The son is kidnapped.  Bill the makes a journey, just like in his fiction, to rescue everyone to “evacuate Earth”.  The people who turn out to be angels (that is, aliens) travel to their base near Titan, and take Bill with them.  Sal is an angel, but Randy and Bill are not, but will be able to go.  The rest of the earth’s population will watch its civilization fall apart after big solar storms and start over, as the angels are “retroceded” to seed other planets.  Civilization really does become a cyclical process. By Inauguration 2021, the country is already broken up into “Revolution”.

(Posted: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 T 11:50 PM EST)

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