Silent disco event at Kennedy Center for concert goers

After a concert tonight (which I will review on a separate blog) I peeked at the Kennedy Center Silent Disco, in the Atrium on the Terrace Level tonight.  It was called the “In the Beginning Dance Party”.

The event was free for anyone who had attended the Terrace concert or other event, but headsets could be borrowed.

Even without headsets it was possible to hear the music, which varied from 80s to hip-hop.




I wanted mention another article today by “Blogtyrant” on how to increase visitor flows to a blog. Ramsay has provided a lot of other tip regarding email lists and gaining visitors.  Most of these would apply to narrowly focused blogs supporting sales by a small business.  It does seem conceivable to me that a musician could use his tips to promote interest not only in sales of his/her recordings but also to gain commissions for new works.  Likewise it sounds conceivable that screenwriters could attract interest in new scripts this way.  The lifting of network neutrality regulations could eventually have some bearing on how these markets work, and make blog performance more critical.  They’ll be more about his on my own content work as we move into 2018.   Maybe his tips could be helpful in promoting specific classical works, like the “completed” Bruckner Ninth Symphony which I have written about before.

(Posted: Friday, December 8, 2017 at 11:15 PM EST)

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