Virginia Piedmont communities disturbed by “KKK fliers” incident; my own little gumshoeing today

Local media in Rappahannock County, VA have reported that KKK fliers, weighted down with bird seed, were delivered near numerous homes in and around “Little Washington” VA (on US 211, a few miles East of Sperryville), Flint Hill  a few miles N on US 522(especially on rural Fodderstack road which goes into the mountain foothills to the west), and even Warrenton, where US 211 meets US 29.

These towns have some significance to me. At least one distant relative grew up in Flint Hill, and one or two coworkers (when I worked for ING in Arlington in the 1990s) lived in Warrenton. One coworker now runs a farm in Orange County in retirement.

1  (“Little Washington”)   (This nickname reminds me of “Little Rubio”)

2   Library and Book Barn on Library Ave in Little Washington

3   Flint Hill


(Posted: Saturday, December 2, 2017. 6:15 PM EST)

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