I get to work on “Angel’s Brother” again (for a third cycle of revisions)

I am starting to get back to reviewing this novel, with all its loose ends, now that I have finally pretty much finished my relocation.

One of the most critical concepts is the “fact or fiction” divide.

It looks like I went into great detail about this on Nov. 3, 2014, where I refer to my other two big manuscripts that I described here July 3, 2014. ‘

Essentially, everything in “Novel 2” centered around the retired FBI agent Ali has really “happened”, up to the events in Minnesota in the middle of the novel, before their characters resume their journey to the “spaceship”.   The “real” Ali had learned about Bill’s manuscript through a grapevine, as Bill had only put some summaries up online.  Then, as a teenager around age 14, Sal has developed his hacking tools to find the entire manuscript in the Cloud.  Sal’s motive is to find out if he really is “gifted” enough to become an “angel”.

Bill’s idea of an “Academy” also really exists;  it had come from a job interview in the 80s with a company that managed “civilian defense reservists”.  But Bill had never lived there.

What then happens in “reality” is that a second “Matt” is born, to be the right age, to a woman who is a doppleganger of the “Kelly Skiis” in Bill’s “Rain on the Snow” novel.

Ali has the pull to get the government to look into Bill’s writings and Sal’s hack, because it does predict an “AIDS II” pandemic, of sorts, a kind of Andromeda strain.  The CIA locates its special “quasi military” agent Randy, and Sal is tracked down (also in Dallas) in his ROTC program. Without any one person in the CIA, FBI or Homeland Security understanding everything, the meeting of Randy, at the prime of life in his 40s. and Sal, 21, finishing college, in Poland at the Holocaust site is set up.  Their relationship, which more or less parallels marriage but is not that, drives everything else, leading to the journey toward the end and the meeting at the space ship and “going up”.

Then, there is the idea of “retrocession”.  Not everyone will make it. Some of the “angels” were ceded to Earth to start civilization, and now they are ceded back.  Civilizations fail and have to start over, while the best of us get to explore the stars.  It sounds so elitist, but maybe that’s how it is.

It’s up to us.  Don’t blow our civilization and leave it to the preppers, the “leftovers”.  But it looks like we are about to do that.

(Posted: Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017 at 11:45 PM EST)

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