More indie films with established stars look for crowdfunding; could actually help me

I got a tweet from Richard Harmon, executive producer of “Crypto”, about an Indiegogo project to finish his film, here   (I had some trouble with the tiny url on the tweet, but I found it myself.)

I had talked about Harmon here on April 18, 2014, in conjunction with “Judas Kiss”, where co-star Timo Descamps accepted a wind sprint challenge from him, making a video where Timo says “Richard Harmon is the greatest of all time, of all time”.  Harmon wins the race.

The horror film involves the protagonist (Harmon) playing a journalist who finds his own haunted past shooting video in the woods.  It intends release in 2018.  Some of it has been filmed along coastal British Columbia.

I tweeted back that it’s unusual for films with established stars to seek crowdfunding, but Zack Braff did it for the 2014 film “Wish I Was Here”.  I don’t know how often executive producers (Harmon is an XP for “Crypto”) has to raise more money late in the production of a film.

I am aware of several independent projects involving people I have some possible connection to.  I may try to work with them somehow in combination with my own project “Epiphany”.  But I have to finish my own relocation first.

(Posted: Monday, September 25, 2017 at 7:30 PM EDT)

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