A checklist of all my manuscripts, to be discussed in more detail soon


Over the next period of time, I’ll discuss some of my earlier unpublished novel and screenplay drafts.

Let me summarize all of these with a quick overview.

Period 1: 1969-1970 (in the Army, first year of working).

“The Proles”, about 400 pages, typed, written largely while in the Army in 1969, heavily autobiographical, and outlines and “end of the world” plot associated with communism and perhaps fascism.  (March 25, March 30)

Period 2:  1981-1988 (living in Dallas)

The story “Expedition” included in my “DADT III: book.

Another story, “Friendship over the Phone”.

A novel manuscript, call it “Rapture”, 1981, restructured in 1983.  (April 4)

A novel “Tribunal and Rapture”, sent to an agent in 1988, written in 1986, and crudely attempted before in 1985.   (April 6)

These manuscripts tend to envision the idea of an “academy” to train “civilian reservists” necessary after a collapse caused by a communist enemy, and possibly alien invasion.  They are told from the viewpoint of “me” and introduce a heroic male character.

Period 3: 1989-1994: (living in Virginia)

A novel “Handymen”, set in Texas.  A coworker of “me” disappears, and when “I” investigate, I discover a new kind of epidemic.  The “academy” concept returns, with emphasis on “re-education” of “handymen”.  There was an earlier version (1989) set in the DC area that I lost control of.   (April 9)

Period 4: 1997-2003, Minnesota

Three published non-fiction books:

“Do Ask, Do Tell: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back” (self, print run under “High Productivity Publishing” imprint in 1997; moved to iUniverse in 2000).

“Our Fundamental Rights and How to Reclaim them: A Psychological Approach” (1998), print run.

“Do Ask Do Tell II: When Liberty Is Stressed” (2002, iUniverse).

A novel manuscript again called just “Tribunal and Rapture 2”, with an apocalypse seen through the eyes of a retired intelligence officer and his wife: I am a subordinate character.  (April 29)


A novel manuscript: “Rain on the Snow” focusing on the academy concept again, set in Texas, leading to an unusual trial and escape.

Screenplay “Baltimore Is Missing” (2002), 2004), Jan. 29

Screenplay “Make the A-List” (2002)   March 4

Screenplay “American Epic” (2003))  March 4

Period 5: 2003-present. Virginia

Many short subjects (2005), March 5

Screenplay “69 Minutes to Titan” (2005), March 4

Screenplay “The Sub” (2005), embedded in a future screenplay TBA

“Do Ask, Do Tell III: Speech Is a Fundamental Right, Being Listened to Is a Privilege”.  Incorporates the “Army Basic Training” chapter from “The Proles” and the story “Expedition”, as well as a new “apocalyptic” short story, “The Ocelot the Way He Is” (The term “Ocelot” was introduced in “The Proles”).

An enhanced “Rain on the Snow” with a prologue set in ancient times, and a back story going back about thirty years involving several characters from Bill’s earlier period in Dallas, and the birth of a person who might be a new “savior”. This setup has enough characters and spans enough time that it could generate a cable TV series.  (Same post as May 13).

“Angel’s Brother”, a similar story told form the viewpoint of a CIA agent, married with a family in Dallas and about age 40, and a precocious gay college student.  This has two versions.  This is the main manuscript now.

There are also a number of screenplay drafts, but, besides those discussed on March 4, the most important are:


“Titanium”:  A Dallas journalist’s fiancée “goes up”, and his search for her brings everyone to the brink of a major alien invasion  (June 12)

“2 Road Trips”, screenplay putting together last two stories of DAFT III (June 25)

“Prescience””  A sequel to Titanium, where some people are abducted to a “synecdoche-like” tidally locked world around an M Star.  (July 5)

“Angel’s Brother”:   A virus propagates the consolidating of identities;  a college student prodigy and CIA agent track it (July 9).

“Do Ask, Do Tell: Conscripted”:  Bill wakes up in the afterlife, or is it another planet, where he judges a contest among angels.  (July 17). This manuscript could also be called, “Do Ask, Do Tell: The Penultimate Job Interview”  (sounds like “The Apprentice”, maybe), where the protagonist has been abducted and doesn’t know if he is in the afterlife, on a job interview, or on another planet, and gets to turn the tables on his angelic captors.

“Do Ask, Do Tell”, consolidated video presenting all three books, on the DADTNotes blog, June 3, 2014, link.

I guess that being an abductee is a status symbol.

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