Nats Park, and the bars

The Washington Nationals returned home from Mars-like Colorado where they dealt a 16-5 playground thrashing of the Rockies Thursday afternoon (while I was at FilmfestDC), so I went to the game last night. Max Scherzer was not shartp, as the New York Mets waited on his fastballs and the catcher drove in 5 runs with two homers.  Ryan Zimmerman hit two homes for the Nats, who almost pulled ou the game in the bottom of the Ninth when Harper grounded into a double play.  Earlier. Micheal Eaton seemed to sprain an ankle running out an infield hit .  At least we hope that’s all there is.  (Note: later reports indicate Eaton is lost for the season.)

A child sitting in a box row in front of me got possession of a foul ball, which I got to touch and photo.

The stadium has a memorial to an incident in the Navy Yard on Sept. 16, 2013.

Note that you enter and leave the Park behind Center Field.  The compass on my iPhone implies that the playing field must be at only 30 feet elevation.  (Coors Field in Denver is about 5,260).


Later, there was a spontaneous Blues concert outside (like “Two Trains Runnin'”).

And there was a military color guard before the national anthem (which could use more interesting harmonization, although when sung a cappella that doesn’t matter).

Afterwards, Town Danceboutique for a Post Cherry party.

(Posted: Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 1 PM EDT)

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