Video taken near NYC explosion site in Chelsea



Videos I took on 23rd St and then 22nd St Saturday, September 18, 2016 near site of explosion in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.




First photo sent to WJLA shown on nightly news

Photo on 27th


Photo next day


More background:

I did send some material to “conventional” media sources and some were retweeted and shown on commercial television.  I appreciate this.  Let me give a little background. I was in the Cinepolis theater watching “Snowden” (reviewed on another blog) and the movie played to conclusion. As I left, I saw the theater was filtering people out of the theater in one lane and closing, at around 9:45 PM.  That appears to be about 75 minutes after the blast.  The police ushered me and a few other people off 23rd st beyond a barricade on 7th Ave.


I walked around the neighborhood, and found police allowed people to walk in most areas even though cars had been cut off.  On 22nd street (between sixth and seventh), I saw at least one blood-stained garment.  I do not know how it could have gotten there from 23rd St.  FBI (identifiable by jackets) was just arriving.  Had the attacker been there?  I did not touch anything, as I realized it could be evidence.  I walked on, over the 5th Ave, and then walked up past the Flatiron Building to Broadway back up to my hotel room at the Ace Hotel at 29th and Broadway.  I saw the barricades on 27th street, where an unexploded device was found.  I suppose I am lucky that access to the hotel was not closed off, as access to many apartments around 23rd street near the blast were.   I wonder how police knew to look in 27th St and knew there was nothing on the street (29th) where my hotel was.


I suppose I am doubly fortunate — I had walked past the bomb site on the way to dinner two hours before he blast (I ate at the Dallas Barbecue at 7th ave and 23rd St, a popular place during the Tribeca Film Festival, which I have attended before, which does use the Cinepolis nearby).  Several younger adult celebrities, at least one of whom I know somewhat on social media, have apartments or condos near the blast site.  This is a very popular area, for both LGBT and “single straights” especially.


Peter Bergen has a detailed article on CNN about what we know today.

The New York Times has drone photographs showing in detail where all the major events happened.

I was concerned for a while this morning about possible Amtrak disruptions, but my own train (Northeast Regional) left only about 10 minutes late today and had no problems returning to DC today.

Since “establishment” media (or even police) is more likely that usual to revisit this specific blog posting, I want readers to know that a good index to the rest of my blogs, for users who do not know my work, is here.

(Published Sunday Sept. 18, 2016 at 6 PM EDT; major revisions Monday, Sept, 19, 2016 at about 9:45 pM EDT)


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