My own Amazon and imdb reviews


I have resumed writing a few reviews of books and films on Amazon (or imdb).

Generally, these will be media items that have more than usual significance to subject matter I cover in my own books.  In some cases I do know the authors or producers, but I try to keep the reviews factual.

On Amazon, you have to assign stars.  I don’t do this on my own blog reviews, which are more like “essay report cards”.

The reviews will always be shorter than my blog reviews, never copies.

I have not done reviews on Netflix, only offered stars. That helps me keep track of films I have rented.

Here are the last few books that I did:

(1) Ted Koppel “Lights Out”

(2) Tom Clynes and Taylor Wilson, “The Boy Who Played with Fusion”

(3) Dean Hannotte and Ann Agranoff, “Century of Growth” (I never got the confirmation email from Amazon on this one, don’t know why)

(4) Jack Andraka, “Breakthrough”

(5) Pam Daniels and Robert Le Blanc, “Silent Drums”

Over time, more will be added.

You can find all my reviews by clicking on my name as a reviewer, but you have to be signed on to Amazon with your own account first (same for imdb).

(Published: Monday, September 5, 2016 at 11 PM EDT)


Update: Sept. 7

Sometimes people call me an “esteemed author” or “distinguished author” at social gatherings, as if pandering a kind of false submission.  The hyperbole is a little annoying and unnecessary.  Likewise, people call me a “professional writer” on Facebook.  I do have an author page.  But so far I have been mostly self-published (with a few scattered exceptions), and don’t make a living from writing, which is very difficult.  But this could change soon.

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