Major illustrated lecture on Titan by author of major sci-fi novel


The SETI Institute offers a 49 minute lecture (March 25, 2016) by Michael Carroll, heavily illustrated with artist drawinsg,, of Titan, by Michael Carroll, author of the 2015 science fiction novel “On the Shore of Titan’s Farthest Sea”.

Carroll provides a simulation of exactly what the cameras on Huygens saw over two minutes as it landed in 2005, along with stunning renditions of dunes, lakes, and an explanation of how submarines would work in extremely cold hyrdrocarbon lakes (methane evaporates, creating rain, but leaving ethane). Ice cliffs are as hard as concrete, and enormous sand dunes are forced from hydrocarbon soot that falls from the sky.


(Continuing discussion from Nov. 12, 2015.)

Wikipedia attribution link for NASA photo map of a lake on Titan similar to the lecture (p.d.)

Wikipedia attribution link for diagram of Titan’s internal structure by Kelvinlsong, CCSA 3.0

Here’s another lecture, “It’s Life, Jim, but Not as We Know it”, by Jason Barnes

Smithsonian “Air & Space” has a 2016 section “Life in the Universe” with two chapters: “Life among the Gas Giants” (including Titan), and “Would We Know Alien Life If We Saw It”? about Mars, going back to 1976 (why Dan Fry thought there was evidence of life).

(Published: Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 11:45 PM EDT)

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