Another post on the “American Lynching” project; some more old “home movies”


I have posted a few more videos on my Vimeo account, to support future filmmaking.

The film called “Mini DV” includes the footage I took at the Capitol in June 2005 when Gode Davis was in town filming “American Lynching” (Feb. 6, 2014).  It also has a little footage around Lexington, VA of VMI and nearby military attractions.

MiniDV from John Boushka on Vimeo.

The other three videos are silent “home movies” made by my parents.

The first is split into two parts to cut out an inappropriate bathtub scene if me (this was OK in 1950 but not now for the Internet). Part 1; 2.

The second (the longest) shows my parents on some trips before my birth, especially to Williamsburg and to Canada.

The third has more childhood pictures.

(Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2016, at 9:30 PM ET)


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