“Dark City” may bear some resemblance to my own screenplay(s)


On a recent trip, a friend, a high school English teacher, mentioned the 1998 film “Dark City“, directed by Alex Proyas, from New Line.  I recall seeing the film in Minnesota and that Roger Ebert loved it.

The film is a bit parallel to my own (in development) “Do Ask, Do Tell” script in that a protagonist wakes up in an alien environment and is not sure how he could have gotten there.

It turns out that the “Dark City” is a kind of artificial alien planetoid, with a boundary called “Shell Beach”.  The protagonist, John Murdoch (Rufus Sewell) and has to interact with the mysterious Dr. Schreber (Keifer Sutherland) and inspector Bumstead (William Hurt).  It seems as though the city, which is rather like an overgrown toy world, is always being manipulated and changed by the “Strangers” who are endangered aliens.  Murdoch is also wrongly suspected of a “murder”.

You could say that the “strangers” are roughly analogous to the “angel candidates” in my script, but then there needs to be an equivalence to the other “proles” (like “Bill”) and even to the kids growing up there.

I don’t have an equivalent concept to “trading identities” or mixing the timeline life memories of various individuals;  but that instead is something that happens in my novel “Angel’s Brother” (with the help of  a bizarre virus that encapsulates mini black holes).

The movie has been compared to the Matrix Trilogy, which is a bit of a stretch (I did like the surface alien world shown at the end of the third “Matrix” movie).  And this film could also be compared to my “Baltimore Is Missing” (discussed Jan. 29, 2014).

(Published: Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015, at 3 PM EDT)

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