Illustrated version of Clive Barker’s fantasy masterpiece “Imajica”


Recently, I splurged and bought an upgraded paper copy of Clive Barker’s fantasy novel “Imajica”, from Harper, ISBN 0-06-093726-2 (older review).

The edition has a glossary by Hans Rueffert, with black and white drawings throughout this appendix.  The book cover shows a photographed lake with a canoe, with would match the narrative in the Third Dominion  near Chzercemit.

The illustrations tend to make many of the beings of the Imajica look a bit frightening. When I read the book in 1998, I felt that the beings were more like us than the illustrations make them look.

The drawings of the cities tend to make them look jerry-built with middle-eastern like structures. Some or built on top of sharply pointed mountains.  That is true of Yzordderrex and Chzercemit especially.  I would love to have seen the train from the Third Dominion shown.  The Unbeheld (or “God”) is pretty terrifying in appearance.

The notes make the four reconciled dominions geographically connected, as if countries on one planet.  I had perceived them as four separate planets, with the In Ovo comprising what physicists speculate as a “wormhole”.  The Lenten Way is like an Interstate Highway 3000 miles long, connecting the third and second dominions, but it would have to do a “ferry crossing” to get across the In Ovo.  Likewise, there are other shortcuts, which would be made available to the Earth after the Reconciliation.

There are reports that Kevin Smith is going to make a television series of the novel.  I hope this happens, and it would probably take about ten hour-long episodes.  A film, in two parts (following the two parts of the book), each close to three hours, in Imax 3-D could be imagined.  I have always thought the material comparable to Tolkien, but the drawings make the Imajica look darker.

How about a board game, showing a map of the Imajica?  Or, yes, a computer game.  Maybe an Orlando theme park, or a Las Vegas hotel, with one building for each dominion.

Does Imajica relate to the world of my screenplay?  (Previous post).  In my little “Rama”, there are separate communities (and not completely free movement among them), and a big city, but I don’t have communities on tops of high peaks.


(Published: Tuesday, August 4,  2015, at 3:15 PM EDT)

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