Another train video outside New York City; bore that tunnel!

On the way to a meeting in Asbury Park NJ on President’s Day (a long day trip), I took this video (which I have not edited) of a New Jersey Transit train going through town, near the gay bar Georgie’s.

All this reminds he of the urgency for the Port Authority to bore another tunnel under the Hudson River into Manhattan.  And despite all the talk on infrastructure, the Trump administration seems to be balking on it.

(Posted: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 12 noon)

Goldman Sachs Small Business Popup expo at Union Station in Washington DC

Today I visited the Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Businesses Market at Union Station, main concourse, in Washington DC. It’s also called “The Big Power of Small Business”.

There were about 100 pop-ups in the main concourse. Each businesses identified a city it was from.  Many were from Baltimore, a few from Detroit, Dallas, New York. Many were related to snack foods or cosmetics or personal care.

But there were two books related to books.

Deandra Bufo Novak from Orlando FL, “My Heritage Book“,  writes custom children’s books for families.

Undra Duncam’s “Well Read” has the tagline “Subscribe to Literacy” and offers monthly boxes of children’s books for a subscription, somewhat like a book club.

(Posted: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 4 PM EST)

Plot template chart for screenplay “Do Ask, Do Tell: Epiphany”

Here is an analysis template for my screenplay “Do Ask, Do Tell: Epiphany” The “Epiphany” word replaces “Conscription”.

The style for the table is similar to that of the novel, in the previous post (Jan. 28).

It will be updated frequently.

The codes here also include a color code, documented Jan. 23, 2016.


Sc/ PG Date Chars action where codes comments
 1-1  20201001  Bill (77)  tries to wake up  bed, sp st, hosp 1000.Bl  NDE
 2-1  20051101  Bill, Randy (15)  Randy comes on to Bill slightly  classroom, sub assigmnet  3000, bw  “The Sub” Bill’s 2005 script ; show title of this movie Rp as scene transitions
 3-1  20201001  Bill, Randall (30)  Randall tries to watch Bill arouse  bed, hosp room  1000, Bl Randall Christopher Nickerstann thinks he is Randy of Bill’s “The Sub” from past hacking; he clips remote viewing devices to three points on his own body for triangulation
 4-2  20070805  Bill,Randall ( (real actors)  Randall watches Biil go to movie actor reception  King of Prussia Mall  2000, rd  Bill gets autographs from stars of Everwood
 5-2  20040520  Bill  Bill asked to do locker room duty for special education School sp ed  2000. rd
 6-2 200405220  Bill, Mom (92)  Bill blogs, mother tries to dust computer  Mom’s basement  2000, rd
 7-3  20060801  Bill, Randy  Bill gets PE class, visits Randy’s music studio in planning period, then collapses and Randy defibs him  School, athletic field , locker room, and music room  3001, bw  tennis shoes in car, baseball, jogging, then defib machine (just introduced at school)
 8-3  20201001  Randall, Brutus (27)  watches training video on dfib  control room, space station hospital  1000
9-4  2014  Randall, Bill  Bill sees Randall reading philosophy text, then his own book  Metro  2001, or
 10-5  2012?  Bill, Randall  Passive  encounter at Citi Field  CitiField, NYC  2001, or  Randall, Brutus seem to be scoping Bill
11-5  20201001  Bill  tries to wake up  bed  1000
 12-5  20051103  Bill, Randy  Randy takes Bill home from hospital  hospital, pass SNF  3000  Bill avoids coronary bypass (can show montage of MOM and cpg)

(First posted: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 4 PM EST)