Burkittsville, Gathland State Park, MD, and The Blair Witch Project

Today, a quick day trip, to Burkittsville MD and Gathland State Park on South Mountain behind it, site of the black and white film “The Blair Witch Project” (1999), by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez.  I saw it at the old Uptown Theater in Minneapolis on a sold-out Friday night then, with Josh Hartnett standing in line (he had just made “Halloween: H20” at the time).

There is a museum to honor one of the country’s first war correspondents, George Townsend, during the Civil War. There is a masoleum and tomb, and a great arch.




A lesser known similar film from 1998 was “The Last Broadcast” (Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler, Wavelength Releasing), a “fact or fiction” docudrama about the disappearance and death of three young men in the New Jersey Pine Barrens from the supposed Jersey Devil.  I saw the film at the University of Minnesota Bell Auditorium, once of the first digitally shot features ever commercially made.


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Or this one:

High Heels Race 2017 in Washington DC

I didn’t get a perch for the 2017 High Heels Race near JR’s in Washington DC on 17th St because I ate in a sports bar on Dupont Circle (Circa) and watched Clayton Kershaw mow down the Houston Astros for the Los Angeles Dodgers for a while.

There was one man, about 30, who must have been 7 feet or so.  It does seem that super-tall men are overrepresented in the (cis) gay male community.

There seemed to be more contestants than usual.  It took close to three minutes for the race, starting promptly at 9 PM EDT, to end.



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IOS 11 and YouTube uploads from your iPhone

It looks like YouTube Capture doesn’t have an update for IOS 11, which is on my iPhone now. But YouTube has its own technique, which seems to work.

Here is my first video with the iPhone under IOS 11.2

It shows a nuthatch feeding on a tree.


Here is how to do it in YouTube


Here’s a supplementary video for cats (not made by me)

Google references:  about Capture not on 11

Google’s own instructions for iPhone

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