Washington Nationals baseball, just before the playofs

Here are a couple clips from the Washington Nationals 97th win last night over the Pittsburgh Pirates. This is not a playoff game, which will be much harder to get tickets for.

The Nats have already clinched the NL East title.  They need 98 wins to finish over .600.

Harper looked rusty.  But Stephen Strasburg carried a perfect game into the 5th inning, and Ryan Zimmermann had two doubles and two homers.  The Nationals won, 6-1.

1   For the National Anthem, I stood in a normal matter, but leaned on a chair with one knee at the end, to “protest”.  I did not see any kneel-style protests at the game,


2   The scoreboard kept beckoning “louder” as an ovation for Stephen Strasburg as he leaves.


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Cato Institute holds symposium, “The Future of the First Amendment”

The Cato Institute held a day long symposium today, “The Future of the First Amendment” (aka “The Future of Free Speech”), with the details and program here.

Here are some videos

1  Commercial speech



4  (Euguene Volokh, the next four videos:  “Free Speech, Libel and Privacy in the Internet Age”











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How to cause little tornadoes in your kitchen

A broccoli souflee overheated in the oven tonight.  When I took it out and opened it, steam columns from the food started rotating like little tornadoes, even counterclockwise.

This is a lesson in how real storms form.  Warm water evaporating,  rising, meeting cool air, leads to condensation and often rotation, and a drop of pressure within the column.

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More indie films with established stars look for crowdfunding; could actually help me

I got a tweet from Richard Harmon, executive producer of “Crypto”, about an Indiegogo project to finish his film, here   (I had some trouble with the tiny url on the tweet, but I found it myself.)

I had talked about Harmon here on April 18, 2014, in conjunction with “Judas Kiss”, where co-star Timo Descamps accepted a wind sprint challenge from him, making a video where Timo says “Richard Harmon is the greatest of all time, of all time”.  Harmon wins the race.

The horror film involves the protagonist (Harmon) playing a journalist who finds his own haunted past shooting video in the woods.  It intends release in 2018.  Some of it has been filmed along coastal British Columbia.

I tweeted back that it’s unusual for films with established stars to seek crowdfunding, but Zack Braff did it for the 2014 film “Wish I Was Here”.  I don’t know how often executive producers (Harmon is an XP for “Crypto”) has to raise more money late in the production of a film.

I am aware of several independent projects involving people I have some possible connection to.  I may try to work with them somehow in combination with my own project “Epiphany”.  But I have to finish my own relocation first.

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First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC takes Discernment vote on inclusiveness

The First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC took a vote on its Discernment for inclusiveness after church today.

The vote, with three choices, dealt with whether members felt that inclusiveness on many issues in church ceremonies, including sexual orientation and gender identity, was consistent wit Christian teaching.  An affirmative vote would presumably pave the way for same-sex marriage ceremonies in the church, as well as possibly recognizing same-sex couples as parents.

I grew up in this church.  The current sanctuary building opened on Christmas Day, 1955, under Dr. Edward Pruden.

1 (vote)

2 (commentary)

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Associated link.

First picture above:  I am the bald-headed person in the drawing, given to me.

Avid Sibelius will give composers new capabilities to collaborate and browse works-in-progress online

Avid has announced a major enhancement to its music composition software that will allow cloud publication and browsing and sharing and collaboration online among artsts.

Here is Avid’s basic link, and here is a more detailed blog post.

This development could give me new ways to work with others later (after installing 8.7).  I could share “miniature” pieces as well as the Third Sonata, which right now is set up on many small files.

It would be necessary, of course, for me to make the material a lot more “presentable” first.

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Day hike in the Catoctin Mountains in Maryland

I visited the Catoctins, which are a separate ridge just east of the Blue Ridge, really technically the Piedmont, very old.  I wanted to be a little fitter for a mandatory Medicare physical on Thursday.

I remember a Sierra Club hike on a rainy fall day in 1972, before “My Second Coming”.   Catoctin Park is now managed by the National Park Service, but Cunningham Falls is a state park.

1   Thurmont overlook

2   Air raid sirens as I leave the overlook from the valley below

3   Police appear on the road, tell me this is their “second rescue” of the day

4  Hog Rock, .4 mile from the road

5  Motorcycle gang with pop music

6   Blue Ridge over the next valley (Middletown)

7   Cunningham Falls


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Charlottesville Pride 2017, as well as the site of the Aug 12 riots and death

Charlottesville VA 2017 Pride was held in the Pavilion at the East end of the Charlottesville downtown plaza, about 2000 feet from Lee Park and 1000 feet from 4th St where the murder happened Aug 12.

Clip 1


3  The site of the death by automobile on Aug 12 during the riots after the supposed “Unite the Right” rally

4  Lee Park, with the statue covered

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Tupperware party fundraiser

Town Danceboutique held a benefit Sunday night, Sept. 3, for the LGBT Fallen Heroes Fund, hosted by Dixie Longate.

This turned out to be a Tupperware party with Dixie sounding like an auctioneer. What I recall is those meetings in the 1970s when Ii would get invited to somebody’s house to consider becoming an Amway distributor.  Yup, multi-level marketing.







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