Workshop exercise on coda of my third sonata (more for my own use)

Today I make three video tapes demonstrating how the “melodic lines” of the Coda of my Third Sonata should be analyzed, in comparison to stanzas that make up a verse of a church hymn.

The music migrates from F#-Major to C ( a triton) and there are 5 stanzas of uneven length,

Stanzas 1-4

Stanza 5

The toccata counter theme breaks into 4 stanza


Also, as a “treat” (or “dessert”, as piano teacher used to say about memory exercises), here is just a little country-western (8 seconds) from Freddie’s Beach Bar in Arlington after an AGLA  dinner tonight.

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Milo Yiannopoulos should note the characteristics of people on the T-shirt of the artist below

More videos by me on the DADT books (work in progress)

Today, I did a recording session, creating two videos about my 3 DADT books and the ideas behind them.

The first video is an autobiography, and the second is a summary of ideas.

Here is an outline of my remarks:


First video


History – sissy boy, artistic, liked attention for intellect, music

Put down for leaving risk taking to others

WM expulsion  (“tribunal” problem)

NIH – schizoid – Cuban Missile Crisis

KU- assistant instructor, deferements

Army service – special training company

Fort Eustis transfer – top secret security clearance

Career – only one layoff until end took responsibility

Sometimes being unmarried was an issue

Need to move to NYC to come out again.

Ninth Street Center

May 10 and move to Texas

MCC, Cuban Refugees

AIDS. DDAA. DGA. OLCC,   Bill Nelson

Return to VA

Lewin ICF



Bill Clinton lift the ban

Why DADT was a central issue; SLDN and Outserve

Decide to enter debate

Write book

Conflict of interest

Move to MN

Mother’s heart disease


Move back



Blogging and passive marketing

COPA (Internet censorship) litigation sponsored by EFF

I call attention to issues major media misses and that evade “identity politics” like power grid, filial responsibility, downstream liability on Internet (Section 230, etc.).


Video 2

Emphasis: individualist view of “augmented personal responsibility”

My thing had been the right to be left alone, not to be driven by the demands of my group to function in place.

Equality is an abstraction – implications in practice have many paradoxes (childlessness)

Racial groups are not the same as behavioral or cultural groups (identity politics)

When there are external threats. Some “behaviors” or avoidances jeopardize the group

People seem concerned about how my sexual capacity connected to other needs in the family

There is an impression of “sacrifice” that is meaningful if everyone else has to do it.

Paradox:  my sexual response implies that competitiveness and “maleness” are virtues and can be lost.

Yet, you are not a “man” if you don’t do your part and take your turn and “play ball”

Aloofness, privilege, and visibility can increase the risk of instability

The need for ego so that there is incentive for standard of living

But the people who consume your work need to “matter” and my sexuality implies some of them don’t

So a dangerous paradox can promote instability

Hatred happens because people know they can be forced to deal with someone personally and support them in a pinch when otherwise they would have avoided them, changing “meaning”.

No victims, it starts with you, yet you need to belong, and, yes, we have to protect “civilization”.

The “I told you so” canard and out.

The “playing ball with us” problem, and the “no spectators” rule

“Radical hospitality” and “radical solidarity” compared to individualism



While I wait for these to be posted on Vimeo by a third party, I’ll add a recap now (video just above).

Update: July 26



Bill Boushka Discuss His Life Story from John Boushka on Vimeo.


Bill Boushka Discusses His Core Themes from John Boushka on Vimeo.


An Important Message from Bill Boushka to Milo Yiannopoulos from John Boushka on Vimeo.


An important message from Bill Boushka for President Donald J. Trump. from John Boushka on Vimeo.

See related posting Nov. 30, 2015.

Update:  Sunday, July 30, 3 PM EDT

One more afterthought:  “Augmented personal responsibility”, or the idea that people who are different need to think through their own moral compass and do their own “rightsizing” voluntarily if freedom from authoritarians is to be maintained:


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More notes on the drafts of my screenplays

Recently there has been some interest in seeing a copy  of one of my (not yet published) screenplay drafts, that is, “Do Ask, Do Tell: Ephiphany”.

I posted a brief summary of the plot here on February 3, 2016.

Right now, I no longer post my screenplay scripts online for free viewing.  There are some legacy scripts at this location on my legacy site.

The draft (PDF from Final Draft, as well as treatment summary) of the 2004 short film script “The Sub” was removed in April 2006 before I took another job with Fairfax County Public Schools, inasmuch as there had been an incident regarding that script being found online (documentation).

However, the existence of the screenplay and its aftermath are worked into the script of “Epiphany” as a backstory.

Likewise, the sequence of my expulsion from William and Mary in November 1961, followed by my “hospitalization” at NIH in the fall of 1962 (overlaying the Cuban Missile Crisis) and eventual Army service as a draftee from 1968-1970 is also embedded as a backstory closer to the end of the script.

One aspect of this part of the narrative that could use more attention would be how my parents felt over that Thanksgiving weekend 1961 as they had to anticipate the idea that, as an only child, I might give them no lineage.  But it turns out, ironically, that “Bill” does so in the last scene of the screenplay, as a qualification for getting to go on the “angel ship” to a new planet.

I may later place this script (as well as two others: “Titanium” and “69 Minutes to Titan” in its original form) available for FTP download with password if there is interest.  It is also possible to place the Final Draft documents online for similar download.  But the user would not be able to open these without a licensed copy of Final Draft 10 on her own computer.  It doesn’t appear that you can open Final Draft directly through http;  you have to FTP and download first.  Other products, like Celtx, which I do not personally have, might work.

With a layered screenplay like “Epiphany”, which incorporates narrative across all three “Do Ask Do Tell: books as backstories, t is difficult to understand the flow well from a PDF of the screenplay (as it would be typed in the past) alone.  The analytics in Final Draft. Besides offering script notes, character lists, scene numbers and titles and summaries, offer a Color Code which can be correlated to the “reality layer” of a particular scene.  It may, for example, be a truthful backstory known to one character, or a presumed backstory believed by a character (see posting here Jan. 23, 2016).

I am not aware that screenwriting is taught in high schools in AP English classes.  It would be a good topic.  A screenplay draft by itself does not fully convey a story the way a novel might, but with the analytics from Final Draft or similar products it comes closer to suggesting what the filmgoer will see,  Television writing is quite a bit more structured than film, since episode components have to be of such exact lengths.

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Fairfax County Public Schools (VA) Pride picnic, speakers urge conventional partisan activism

Here is some footage from the speakers at the Fairfax County Public Schools Pride picnic today at Nottoway Park in Vienna, just north of I66.

There was a Virginia state senator (himself gay), a member of the House of Delegates (Martin D. Sickles), and a transgender candidate, as well as discussion of local school board races  There were no apologies about partisanship or asking for door-to-door-activism as well as money — something that many people find objectionable in these days about increased fears about home security and even home invasions.  it isn’t like it used to be.  “Solidarity” has gotten much harder, as the health care debate shows.

There was mention of a transgender candidate for the Virginia General Assembly, Danica Roem, running against Robert Marshall, who had sponsored a bathroom bill and earlier the old Marshall-Newman amendment in 2006 against recognizing gay unions, story.








(Cell phone clips)





P5   Roxanne

I used to work as a substitute teacher at FCPS and APS 2004-2007 and there were issues, as I have described before, such as here.

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Demonstration against rolling back network neutrality on “day of action” near Capitol in Washington DC

Today I attended a “Battle for the Net” demonstration and rally between the US Capitol and Senate Office buildings in Washington DC.

The event was chaired by Senator E Markey (D-MA). Senator A, Franken (D-MN) spoked, as well as a congresswoman from California, and a representative of the Latino community. I didn’t get the names down.

Generally, the speakers said that fast lanes for big companies would mean most people wouldn’t bother to look at sites of smaller competitors.

I was not allowed to ask a question because I am not a member of the established press. I’ll cover that aspect on a legacy blog (comment). That would seem to undercut one of Markey’s own arguments.








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Gatlinburg visit, recovery from wildfire

Sunday night and Monday morning (July 9-10) I visited Gatlinburg, TN.  A huge wildfire took place on the mountains slopes surrounding the town in late November, 2016 (as detailed in an earlier post here May 24).

The town is encased on the western side of Great Smokey Mountains National Park, and you drive 5 miles of parkway from Pigeon Forge to get there.

The town seemed quite lively at night, with its theme park atmosphere.  10 miles to the S, Pigeon Forge has the appearance of a small Las Vegas, with a Titanic exhibit, upside down office building, and Hollywood replica.  That town was somewhat affected.

During the day Monday I took the chairlift ride and could see much more of the damage on the mountain slopes, including mountain homes that burned.  But it is true that the community is unusual in its direct exposure to possible wildfire, so building there entails some risk.

I do think that climate change has made the ferocity of the fire more likely.





I didn’t get to the “Road to Nowhere” W of Asheville (on the east side of the mountains) but I encountered two short curved tunnels, each about 1/3 mile long (without elevation drainage like PA Turnpike has) on I-40 going Eastbound to Asheville.  This is a road to “somewhere” indeed.  The curve is to the left driving East.  There is a campground “Harmon’s Den”   Indeed, Richard Harmon is the greatest of all time.


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A visit to Crisfield, MD, on the Chesapeake Bay, max elevation 3 feet

Today I visited Crisfield. MD. on the SW tip of southern MD in the Chesapeake Bay’s “East Coast”.

The entire city lies at 3 feet or less elevation.  It appears to have had serious flooding during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  Tidal flooding is not much of a problem because the Bay extends much further north.

The people seem comfortable with the risk and unconcerned about climate change.  One veteran said the city was built back better after Sandy.

There is one big windmill.

There is a ferry to Tangier Island, VA, one round trip a day, no cars.

Smith Island appears visible.






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