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Charlottesville Pride 2017, as well as the site of the Aug 12 riots and death

Charlottesville VA 2017 Pride was held in the Pavilion at the East end of the Charlottesville downtown plaza, about 2000 feet from Lee Park and 1000 feet from 4th St where the murder happened Aug 12.

Clip 1


3  The site of the death by automobile on Aug 12 during the riots after the supposed “Unite the Right” rally

4  Lee Park, with the statue covered

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AGLA social in Arlington; Trump’s transgender ban

Here are three short videos from the AGLA (Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance) at the Pinzimmi Lounge at the Westin in Ballston tonight.

1 — Northern Virginia Pride Festival announced for Oct. 1

2  – “Mother of all Marches” — transgender National Guard person potentially affected by Trump’s order discusses preparations for Sept. 16 event

3    “Adventuring”  DC Area LGBT outdoor group


(Posted: Friday, Sept. 1, 2017)

National Memorial Day Concert on the Washington DC Capitol Lawn


Although I have attended many July 4 Mall events in Washington DC, I had never attended a Memorial Day Concert.

Two of the early speakers, including an actor, described the Doolittle Raid following Pearl Harbor, flying over Japan and landing in China.  That was the topic of the 2001 film “Pearl Harbor” with Josh Hartnett and Ben Affeck (directed Michael Bay).  I saw it in Minneapolis, but it was shown when I was working as a substitute teacher, so I saw the raid twice.

Another speaker talked about recovering from traumatic brain injury and leg amputations from an IUS in Iraq. He said he had undergone over 70 surgeries.  His wife had been by his side.  I can not imagine myself in an intimate relationship that carries through something like this.  The call it necessary resilience.

Another speaker spoke about the Tuskegee airmen (the movie “Red Tails”, 2012, directed Anthony Hemmingway, with Cuba Gooding)).

Renee Flemming led a singing of “God Bless America”, a favorite of Ronald Reagan, and even Kate Smith back in the 1950s.

The National Symphony Orchestra played a march called “Commemoration” by Robert Wendell.

PBS link for concert.

Dolittle Raid (or Tokyo Raid).

1  Pearl Harbor

2  Pearl Harbor Pt 2

3   Red Tails

4   God Bless America

5   Colin Powell calls for volunteers to help wounded veterans as a moral duty   (Powell (author of “My American Dream“), as JCS Chairman had opposed Bill Clinton’s lifting the ban on gays in the military in 1993, but gradually changed his views, winding up with “don’t ask don’t tell” which would be repealed under Obama in 2010-2011.)


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Kristin Beck (Lady Valor) speaks at AGLA Christmas Party


Kristin Beck (author of “Warrior Princess” and subject of the CNN film “Lady Valor”) spoke tonight at the Christmas party for the Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance. I see that I have footage from her speaking to AGLA at the Arlington VA library Nov. 25, 2014, too.

Here are the clips. I have to admit my attempt to wide-screen them on the cell phone backfired. Later I’ll figure out how to rotate them in the embed statement. For now, just play in YouTube and rotate the smartphone 90 degrees/

1 (Introduction)






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AGLA 35th Anniversary Dinner in Arlington VA clips


Here are some clips from the Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance 35th anniversary celebration at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City in Arlington VA.

1   Opening speaker suggests that sometimes appearing in drag is necessary and morally cleansing

2   T.J. Flavell talks about progress of gay rights in northern VA since 1981



5  (Democratic VA state senator Ebbin)

6 A transgender assistant Secretary of Defense regarding energy procurement

7  Gavin Grimm, teenage plaintiff in Virginia public school bathroom case before the Supreme Court (4 parts) — ACLU link on litigation.




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Transgender presentation and QA at a potluck dinner at an Arlington VA library this evening


Sunday night, Roxanne Edwards presented “Trans Matters” as a discussion of transgender issues after a potluck for the Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance at the Arlington County Library.

Here are some clips from the discussion:













13 (my existential question on homophobia)






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Former Navy Seal Kristin Beck talks about her experience as trangender; she has a book and a film on CNN

I wanted to provide three clips of the speaking engagement of former Navy Seal Kristin Beck at the Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance potluck on Nov. 23, at the Arlington County (VA) central library.

Kristin (note the spelling) was the subject of the CNN film “Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story” and her own book “Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy Seal’s Journey to Coming Out Transgender

Clip 1 (She talks about Seal training)

Clip 2 (she talks about Alan Turing)

Clip 3

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