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Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, demonstrations in front of Supreme Court today

Today I attended the demonstrations outside the Supreme Court building in Washington DC regarding “Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission”, while oral arguments took place inside at 10 AM.  There was still a long 3-Minute line, and I do not think I could have gotten in.  People had camped out since Sunday night.

I tried to shoot clips from both camps about evenly.  The “gay rights” (so to speak) camp was on the right side (ironically, as an anti-pun).  But many of the speakers on both sides were way off base as to the legal issues.  The crowds as a whole were very polarized and intersectional.

At one point I was asked if I would carry a sign for NGLCC but declined, for two reasons.  One is that I try to be objective when I go to demonstrations and film. The other (“lab practical”) is that I can’t handle the cameras and carry a sign very well physically at the same time.

Toward the end, the Masterpiece crowd was chanting “Jack, we have your back”.

There was an acoustical feedback disruption on the gay side that shut down the gay speakers for four or five minutes.

My own take is pretty much like Smerconish on CNN Saturday.  It seems to me that the cakeshop is a public accommodation, and cannot legally refuse to sell to gay customers for that reason under religion alone. But it can refuse to make certain artistic changes, like showing two men on a wedding cake. Bit there might be some problem in the idea that the shop would not service “same sex weddings”,  A wedding is not the same thing as a person.

I met a photojournalist from the New York Times in the crowd.  We started talking about Trump, North Korea, and not only the nuclear weapons threat but the possible intermediate threat to the power grids in the US (including Hawaii, Guam, Japan, and South Korea) along the way.  I said that the mainstream (as opposed to conservative) media is sleeping on this issue of infrastructure stability in the face of foreign hostilities. This sounds like an odd conversation to have at a gay-related case rally.

1  (Transgender emphasis, way off the legal issues)








Also on Monday, December 4, the Cato Institute held a forum “The First Amendment v. anti-Discrimination Law: A Preview of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission on the Eve of the Oral Argument“.  It was moderated by Roger Pilon and featured John Paul Schnapper-Casteras from the NAACP, and Ilya Shapiro, from Cato.  I did not make it to this event, but a full video and description from Cato itself is available now at this link.

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“Shop Small” Event held at LGBT DC Center for “Small Business Saturday”

The Capital Area Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the DC Center held a Shop Small event at the DC Center on 14th and U Streets NW today, to celebrate “Small Business Saturday”.

How many of us are ready to “go small” like in Matt Damon’s upcoming movie “Downsizing”?

There were novelty items, a book publisher, a coffee business, a vegan restaurant, pizza, and a chiropractor.  I took the chiro exam and was found out-of-alignment toward the Left, no pun intended.



3  Homage to “Charlie’s Angels”.

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High Heels Race 2017 in Washington DC

I didn’t get a perch for the 2017 High Heels Race near JR’s in Washington DC on 17th St because I ate in a sports bar on Dupont Circle (Circa) and watched Clayton Kershaw mow down the Houston Astros for the Los Angeles Dodgers for a while.

There was one man, about 30, who must have been 7 feet or so.  It does seem that super-tall men are overrepresented in the (cis) gay male community.

There seemed to be more contestants than usual.  It took close to three minutes for the race, starting promptly at 9 PM EDT, to end.



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First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC takes Discernment vote on inclusiveness

The First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC took a vote on its Discernment for inclusiveness after church today.

The vote, with three choices, dealt with whether members felt that inclusiveness on many issues in church ceremonies, including sexual orientation and gender identity, was consistent wit Christian teaching.  An affirmative vote would presumably pave the way for same-sex marriage ceremonies in the church, as well as possibly recognizing same-sex couples as parents.

I grew up in this church.  The current sanctuary building opened on Christmas Day, 1955, under Dr. Edward Pruden.

1 (vote)

2 (commentary)

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Associated link.

First picture above:  I am the bald-headed person in the drawing, given to me.

Charlottesville Pride 2017, as well as the site of the Aug 12 riots and death

Charlottesville VA 2017 Pride was held in the Pavilion at the East end of the Charlottesville downtown plaza, about 2000 feet from Lee Park and 1000 feet from 4th St where the murder happened Aug 12.

Clip 1


3  The site of the death by automobile on Aug 12 during the riots after the supposed “Unite the Right” rally

4  Lee Park, with the statue covered

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AGLA social in Arlington; Trump’s transgender ban

Here are three short videos from the AGLA (Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance) at the Pinzimmi Lounge at the Westin in Ballston tonight.

1 — Northern Virginia Pride Festival announced for Oct. 1

2  – “Mother of all Marches” — transgender National Guard person potentially affected by Trump’s order discusses preparations for Sept. 16 event

3    “Adventuring”  DC Area LGBT outdoor group


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Fairfax County Public Schools (VA) Pride picnic, speakers urge conventional partisan activism

Here is some footage from the speakers at the Fairfax County Public Schools Pride picnic today at Nottoway Park in Vienna, just north of I66.

There was a Virginia state senator (himself gay), a member of the House of Delegates (Martin D. Sickles), and a transgender candidate, as well as discussion of local school board races  There were no apologies about partisanship or asking for door-to-door-activism as well as money — something that many people find objectionable in these days about increased fears about home security and even home invasions.  it isn’t like it used to be.  “Solidarity” has gotten much harder, as the health care debate shows.

There was mention of a transgender candidate for the Virginia General Assembly, Danica Roem, running against Robert Marshall, who had sponsored a bathroom bill and earlier the old Marshall-Newman amendment in 2006 against recognizing gay unions, story.








(Cell phone clips)





P5   Roxanne

I used to work as a substitute teacher at FCPS and APS 2004-2007 and there were issues, as I have described before, such as here.

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National Memorial Day Concert on the Washington DC Capitol Lawn


Although I have attended many July 4 Mall events in Washington DC, I had never attended a Memorial Day Concert.

Two of the early speakers, including an actor, described the Doolittle Raid following Pearl Harbor, flying over Japan and landing in China.  That was the topic of the 2001 film “Pearl Harbor” with Josh Hartnett and Ben Affeck (directed Michael Bay).  I saw it in Minneapolis, but it was shown when I was working as a substitute teacher, so I saw the raid twice.

Another speaker talked about recovering from traumatic brain injury and leg amputations from an IUS in Iraq. He said he had undergone over 70 surgeries.  His wife had been by his side.  I can not imagine myself in an intimate relationship that carries through something like this.  The call it necessary resilience.

Another speaker spoke about the Tuskegee airmen (the movie “Red Tails”, 2012, directed Anthony Hemmingway, with Cuba Gooding)).

Renee Flemming led a singing of “God Bless America”, a favorite of Ronald Reagan, and even Kate Smith back in the 1950s.

The National Symphony Orchestra played a march called “Commemoration” by Robert Wendell.

PBS link for concert.

Dolittle Raid (or Tokyo Raid).

1  Pearl Harbor

2  Pearl Harbor Pt 2

3   Red Tails

4   God Bless America

5   Colin Powell calls for volunteers to help wounded veterans as a moral duty   (Powell (author of “My American Dream“), as JCS Chairman had opposed Bill Clinton’s lifting the ban on gays in the military in 1993, but gradually changed his views, winding up with “don’t ask don’t tell” which would be repealed under Obama in 2010-2011.)


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Bull Run Mountains, VA (Piedmont)


I did a little field trip today to the Bull Run Mountains behind Haymarket, VA, just north of Va-55 and I-66.  There is a road, Antioch, which connects to Hopewell Road and goes through the mountain pass (at about 1000 feet) and goes down to The Plains, VA.

I think I was here in the fall of 1962 (while a patient with NIH) with high school (Science Honor Society) old friends.

I found a horse attraction, then a county park with a lake, and then went up the mountain.

Three videos follow.  I talk a little about the last story in my DADT-III book, “The Ocelot the Way He Is”, as this is the area that “Bill” drives through to meet “Nolan” and then go to the fictitious ashram or intentional community, after which stuff happens.  (See June 25, 2014 for treatment of “Two Road Trips”.)  I also talk about some legal issues that could potentially occur with hosting asylum seekers.




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