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Plot template chart for screenplay “Do Ask, Do Tell: Epiphany”

Here is an analysis template for my screenplay “Do Ask, Do Tell: Epiphany” The “Epiphany” word replaces “Conscription”.

The style for the table is similar to that of the novel, in the previous post (Jan. 28).

It will be updated frequently.

The codes here also include a color code, documented Jan. 23, 2016.


Sc/ PG Date Chars action where codes comments
 1-1  20201001  Bill (77)  tries to wake up  bed, sp st, hosp 1000.Bl  NDE
 2-1  20051101  Bill, Randy (15)  Randy comes on to Bill slightly  classroom, sub assigmnet  3000, bw  “The Sub” Bill’s 2005 script ; show title of this movie Rp as scene transitions
 3-1  20201001  Bill, Randall (30)  Randall tries to watch Bill arouse  bed, hosp room  1000, Bl Randall Christopher Nickerstann thinks he is Randy of Bill’s “The Sub” from past hacking; he clips remote viewing devices to three points on his own body for triangulation
 4-2  20070805  Bill,Randall ( (real actors)  Randall watches Biil go to movie actor reception  King of Prussia Mall  2000, rd  Bill gets autographs from stars of Everwood
 5-2  20040520  Bill  Bill asked to do locker room duty for special education School sp ed  2000. rd
 6-2 200405220  Bill, Mom (92)  Bill blogs, mother tries to dust computer  Mom’s basement  2000, rd
 7-3  20060801  Bill, Randy  Bill gets PE class, visits Randy’s music studio in planning period, then collapses and Randy defibs him  School, athletic field , locker room, and music room  3001, bw  tennis shoes in car, baseball, jogging, then defib machine (just introduced at school)
 8-3  20201001  Randall, Brutus (27)  watches training video on dfib  control room, space station hospital  1000
9-4  2014  Randall, Bill  Bill sees Randall reading philosophy text, then his own book  Metro  2001, or
 10-5  2012?  Bill, Randall  Passive  encounter at Citi Field  CitiField, NYC  2001, or  Randall, Brutus seem to be scoping Bill
11-5  20201001  Bill  tries to wake up  bed  1000
 12-5  20051103  Bill, Randy  Randy takes Bill home from hospital  hospital, pass SNF  3000  Bill avoids coronary bypass (can show montage of MOM and cpg)

(First posted: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 4 PM EST)

Plot template chart for “Angel’s Brother”

Here is the plot timeline template chart for the plot of my novel Angel’s Brother.

More table entries will be added as I work through the manuscript.

The table presents the events of the novel in the order that the reader would encounter them.

The codes are explained on this legacy blog post.  Flashback codes normally refer to secondary characters when named.

It’s important to document what actual evidence Sal, Randy (or Q or Foss) have of anything that “Bill” experienced or wrote in his fiction, at any particular point in the novel.


Chap Date Chars action where codes comments
 1-0100  20200526  Randy (49), Sal (21)  Meet in “Come and See” mode  Auschwitz,, 2, , article  1000  clues in dress, five minute chess game
 1-0101  2006  (U) Bill,  Bill’s public blogs  2100, 2000  recall seeing Sal on train
 1-0190  20200526  Sal suggests Randy is what Bill would like to have been (/)  Salt Mine
 1-0200  20200526  Call home  Cracow hotel  1000  look up Bill
 1-0300  2013  Sal  recall having Sal when subbing train thru Poland (/) ; Dallas  2000
 1-0400  20200528  Randy  physical  Brussels  1000  in good shape for age
 1-0410  20200528  Randy, Foss  debrief  Brussels  1000  change in plans; recall Ali had been hacked
 2-100  1988 Randy  recalls hazing  VaTech, Baltimore  2000  a night to remember
 2-200  1998  Eandy, Erin (48), Dicky (b 2004)  Marry, adopt Dicky  Dallas  2000
 2-300  1998, 2003  Randym Q (60)  converts to civilian intelligence; takes cover job as sub teacher Dallas  2000  Given hacks to do on “Bill” out of interest in aliens;
 2-400  1981(ref), 2003  Randy  learns that same real estate agent had closed Bill (/)  Dallas  2000, 2100  also learns rumors of Bill from biker bar, Monroe I
 2-500 2004  Erin  gets out of Army becomes UR nurse  starts learning of epidemic
 2-600  20200529  flies over Poland to St Pete, looks at rumor files 1000  rumor Bill had imagined new disease when Erin has heard about it at work
 3-050  20200530  Sal ,Lurku(60), cat  gay bar, Lurku reinforces idea that Sal is better than most people  Amsterdam 1000, 2100  Sal checks info he got from Randy iPad thru Randy’s wife Erin (38), a surgeon, about new disease; maps to Bill’s novel
 3-100  2004  Sal  Sees Virgini Mary  Harlingen  1000 Sal wonders about his gifts
 3-200 2013  Sal, Rusty (13) Rescues Rusty, gets better  Guadalupe  1000
 3-330  2016  Sal, Matt (13)  Sal meets Matt  Popo, Mexico  2000, 2100 (1962) Bill, NIH, friends tale (telepathic notes??)
 3-300  2016  Sal, father (63)  Family moves o Wisconsin  Near Sparta WI  2000  The “cycling capital” can set up an issue that Sal will pass on to others
3-310  2018  Sal, Bill  Sal meets Bill at hotel conference, scans Bill’s novel off laptop  2000  “balding blogs”;
 3-200-I1  1981 Bill, Kelly  Bill’s real estate closing  2000
 3-320  20200530 c Sal Lurku  Sal explains hacking strategy  1000  Recalls 2 earlier meetings with Randy which Randy may have forgotten; some clue was to why they met at Krakow
 3-330  2002 Ali (60f) Amos(40f), Toby  Ali in train wreck after Amos visit in Bill’s manuscript, meets Tony  Allentown PA  2110
4-100  20180601  Randy  Visits Dt Petersburg, including adult booktore St Petersburg  1000
 4-200  20180601  Randy, Lurku  Retrieves ingot, hard drive, old computer frame in trash dumps (multiple)  Ladoga area  1000
 4-300  20180601  Randy  Randy escapes Russians following him into Finland  Imatra, FN  1000  Russians build up troops, cyberattacks

(First posted on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018 at 8 PM EST, to be updated frequently).