Video taken near NYC explosion site in Chelsea



Videos I took on 23rd St and then 22nd St Saturday, September 18, 2016 near site of explosion in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.




First photo sent to WJLA shown on nightly news

Photo on 27th


Photo next day


More background:

I did send some material to “conventional” media sources and some were retweeted and shown on commercial television.  I appreciate this.  Let me give a little background. I was in the Cinepolis theater watching “Snowden” (reviewed on another blog) and the movie played to conclusion. As I left, I saw the theater was filtering people out of the theater in one lane and closing, at around 9:45 PM.  That appears to be about 75 minutes after the blast.  The police ushered me and a few other people off 23rd st beyond a barricade on 7th Ave.


I walked around the neighborhood, and found police allowed people to walk in most areas even though cars had been cut off.  On 22nd street (between sixth and seventh), I saw at least one blood-stained garment.  I do not know how it could have gotten there from 23rd St.  FBI (identifiable by jackets) was just arriving.  Had the attacker been there?  I did not touch anything, as I realized it could be evidence.  I walked on, over the 5th Ave, and then walked up past the Flatiron Building to Broadway back up to my hotel room at the Ace Hotel at 29th and Broadway.  I saw the barricades on 27th street, where an unexploded device was found.  I suppose I am lucky that access to the hotel was not closed off, as access to many apartments around 23rd street near the blast were.   I wonder how police knew to look in 27th St and knew there was nothing on the street (29th) where my hotel was.


I suppose I am doubly fortunate — I had walked past the bomb site on the way to dinner two hours before he blast (I ate at the Dallas Barbecue at 7th ave and 23rd St, a popular place during the Tribeca Film Festival, which I have attended before, which does use the Cinepolis nearby).  Several younger adult celebrities, at least one of whom I know somewhat on social media, have apartments or condos near the blast site.  This is a very popular area, for both LGBT and “single straights” especially.


Peter Bergen has a detailed article on CNN about what we know today.

The New York Times has drone photographs showing in detail where all the major events happened.

I was concerned for a while this morning about possible Amtrak disruptions, but my own train (Northeast Regional) left only about 10 minutes late today and had no problems returning to DC today.

Since “establishment” media (or even police) is more likely that usual to revisit this specific blog posting, I want readers to know that a good index to the rest of my blogs, for users who do not know my work, is here.

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“Donald Trump!” says “you’re not all welcome in my new hotel on Pennsylvania Ave

How many times can I say “Donald Trump” without breathing?

Here are two short film clips at his Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington DC, Monday, Sept. 12, late in the day. Actually, he still leases the building from the USPS.




Don’t expect “radical hospitality” from Donald Trump.


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AARP Meal Pack Challenge


Here is a little “amateur” footage from the closing of the AARP “Meal Pack Challenge” today near the Reflecting Pool in Washington.  I had signed up for the last shift at 2 PM, and weighted rice for 20 minutes until we ran out and started packing up.


The benefit is intended to provide food for impoverished seniors in the Washington DC area,





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My own Amazon and imdb reviews


I have resumed writing a few reviews of books and films on Amazon (or imdb).

Generally, these will be media items that have more than usual significance to subject matter I cover in my own books.  In some cases I do know the authors or producers, but I try to keep the reviews factual.

On Amazon, you have to assign stars.  I don’t do this on my own blog reviews, which are more like “essay report cards”.

The reviews will always be shorter than my blog reviews, never copies.

I have not done reviews on Netflix, only offered stars. That helps me keep track of films I have rented.

Here are the last few books that I did:

(1) Ted Koppel “Lights Out”

(2) Tom Clynes and Taylor Wilson, “The Boy Who Played with Fusion”

(3) Dean Hannotte and Ann Agranoff, “Century of Growth” (I never got the confirmation email from Amazon on this one, don’t know why)

(4) Jack Andraka, “Breakthrough”

(5) Pam Daniels and Robert Le Blanc, “Silent Drums”

Over time, more will be added.

You can find all my reviews by clicking on my name as a reviewer, but you have to be signed on to Amazon with your own account first (same for imdb).

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Update: Sept. 7

Sometimes people call me an “esteemed author” or “distinguished author” at social gatherings, as if pandering a kind of false submission.  The hyperbole is a little annoying and unnecessary.  Likewise, people call me a “professional writer” on Facebook.  I do have an author page.  But so far I have been mostly self-published (with a few scattered exceptions), and don’t make a living from writing, which is very difficult.  But this could change soon.

Visit to Maryland Renaissance Fair


Saturday, I paid a visit to the Renaissance Fair north of Annapolis, MD (actually Crownsville).

I’ll note some hightlights and embed my own comments.












12   An art shop that reminds me of the Third Dominion in Clive Barker’s book “Imajica”.

13:  A preview of my screenplay “Do Ask, Do Tell: Ephiphany”.  This would fit into the 1776 Training Center (Sector 2 of 5 in the space station ashram — and by the way, I need to review if for how the memories of how the protagonist “me” got there progress — rather like waking up from general anesthesia.

14:  There is a glassblowing shop and training station in Sector 2 in my screenplay



Crownsville, by the way, is the hometown of the Andraka brothers.

I guess everybody is forgetting about Brexit.  (Whoops?? England?)

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Visit to Cumberland Gap, a place in 3 states (TN, KY. VA)


I made a three-day odyssey this week, to visit Cumberland Gap and drive the tunnel on 35-E completed in 1996.


The old road (a “high way of death”) was torn out and returned to its natural condition as a trail for Daniel Boone.

I visited a Veteran’s Memorial Part on Cheat Mountain, looking west, 20 miles S, on 25-E.   Another veteran was there.


The views of the town of Cumberland Gap and the two ends of the tunnel can be seen from the Pinnacle (although the tunnel opening itself cannot be seen and there is no parking area for a photo).  The rail tunnel can be visited on foot from the Tennessee town.






By Stratosphere – Own work, GFDL,  link  under CCSA 4.0.


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“After-Life on Doomsday Planet” — short film by me


Here’s a little sci-fi film (“After-Life on Doomsday Planet“) about what would be like after a Carrington Event solar storm and coronal mass ejection, or after a high-altitude EMP attack.  Actually, I took the footage Saturday night at the Montgomery County Fair in Gaitherbsurg, MD, and there is electricity in some scenes.  Another way to interpret this little film is that it is set on an alien world.


Clip 1 — Pumping well water

Clip 2 — water

Clip 3  — country dancing and merriment

Clip 4 — dogs do what they do

Clip 5 — hypnosis  (remember the 1960 horror film, “The Hypnotic Eye“, that used to air on Saturday night “Chiller”.

Clip 6 — rides 1

Clip 7  — rides 2

Clip 8  — ride on a tractor through an alien planet city

Clip 9 — alien ride — Part 2

i don’t know if some of the gizmos on sale are Pokemon Go monsters, or come from Japanese manga and Danganronpa.


Homage for all doomsday preppers!

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My own piece, played on organ, a first public reading


Today, Sunday, August 21, 2016, after the 11 AM service at the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC , and after the Postlude, the organist-choirmaster Dr. Lon Schreiber played a brief composition by me, which sounds like a hymn (with one familiar melodic line), harmonized in somewhat modern style (maybe a touch of Prokofiev).

I have called the composition “Losing It”. It was conceived as a miniature episode in a symphonic movement of “songs without words” back in 1972.


The piece as shown is in 4/4 time in B-flat Major, in moderate tempo, something like an “Andante moderato”.

There is a second stanza that changes rhythm to 3/4 for a while and plays with ascending passages in F minor and G minor, before returning to B-flat, this time be dragged down to say in minor. It isn’t necessarily a happy ending.

In the picture above, note the items in the hair dressing of the guest. Are these from Pokemon, from Japanese manga or danganronpa?

I will upload the entire PDF and iTunes mpg file when it is done (as played on my Casio).

Here is an article on the Austin organ at the First Baptist Church.

Here is an article on organist Lon Schreiber.

 (Published: Sunday, August 21, 2016 at 3 PM EDT)

New “DuoSkin”, artificial epidermic for temporary tattoos, can server as smartphone interface, maybe fodder for sci-fi rituals


There’s a bizarre new technology, “DuoSkin”, which can be “pasted” onto human skin, and then be used as a smart phone interface, even as a trackball.  It can even glow.

So people will use it as a temporary tattoo, decoratively.  Most of the videos about it show the users as women.  With Caucasian men, other than bikers and swimmers, care would need to be exercised in placing it.

I can imagine adding a ritual to my screenplay “Do Ask, Do Tell: Ephiphany” near the end, where one of the “angel candidate” characters has the skin applied as part of a ritual, to be “survived”.

Microsoft is supporting this product with research; not sure how they find willing subjects.

Here’s an article on the subject on Geekwire.

CNN has a more expansive story on the aesthetics of the technology here.

There are known issues as to whether wrist tattoos  (especially in some men) interfere with “smart-watch” functions, but that’s a different issue.

Related posting earlier on Notes blog.

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Comparative media reviews on hot topics